Joseph Hitchcock
Joseph Hitchcock
San Jose, CA
IBM Cloud09/2017 – 11/2018
Software Engineer
I started out my career contributing to the provisioning UI for IBM's next-generation cloud architecture. While I learned from my knowledgeable peers and built the foundation of my own skillset, I developed an attention to detail that I still maintain, placing emphasis on getting each and every little thing just right. While individually these small changes seem insignificant, I believe that together they culminate in an optimal user experience.
IBM Data & AI11/2018 – 06/2019
Software Engineer
Next I worked on the user management service of IBM’s machine learning and data analytics platform. Here I continued to hone my UI skills, designing and implementing features that enhanced the onboarding and authentication of platform users. During a product-wide globalization effort, I was able to make a sizable impact by building an automation framework that greatly reduced the manual effort required by the translation verification process.
IBM Data & AI06/2019 – Present
Staff Software Engineer
Within the same platform, I’m now building out an SRE operational dashboard that reports on the availability and reliability of upcoming versions of the product in development. Various groups within the team generate vast amounts of data: collecting historical metrics, automating customer workflows, simulating chaos testing, and filing defects; it's my job to present it in a visually informational way, providing meaningful insight at a glance.
Troy, NY
Computer Science
Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated by computers, and that’s only increased as I learn more about their capabilities. I see writing code as an analytical form of creative problem solving, simultaneously deterministic and expressive. I enjoy utilizing my skills to build transformative solutions, and thrive in collaborative environments with the ultimate goal of delivering high-quality, maintainable products.
Mathematics of Computation
When everyone else complained that math made sense until the alphabet got involved, I wanted to continue exploring the underlying theory and fundamental axioms. Building upon that, I wanted to understand the innovative role of computing in applied methods, while being aware of its limitations. This has become yet another lens through which I see the world, in which I’m always looking for novel applications.
Human-Computer Interaction
At the helm of every piece of software is a user, so usability plays a key role in the development process. Validating, early and often, that what you're building does what your users want in an intuitive way, is of the utmost importance. Following this, a product needs to be delivered to actually be useful, since the pursuit of complete perfection in a vacuum doesn’t solve the real-world problem at hand.
Information Technology & Web Science
Bridging the divide between engineering and business, it's crucial to understand the market differentiation and value-add of a software solution. This is something I like to be aware of and think critically about, to ensure that I'm working on sustainable and impactful products. I believe that such cross-disciplinary perspectives further distinguish myself as a well-rounded individual.
Club Soccer
Life has always made sense with a soccer ball at my feet, and I'm glad I was able to play the game I love competitively through college. Training with my friends and competing against other schools was a fun way to balance out my coursework, and I maintain that it's incredibly important to make time for the things you enjoy doing.
Pi Lambda Phi
I pushed myself outside my social comfort zone by joining a fraternity, and made some lasting friendships in the process. I also held leadership positions as Scholarship Chair connecting members with the resources they needed to stay on top of their coursework, and VP of Finance managing a $200,000 yearly budget.